While I was in elementary school before we intergraded. A man came to our classroom to talk about a wheelchair football team. He wanted to know if any of us would like to join the team. It was something new and sounded like it could be fun. We would practice on Fridays after school, for me it was a time I got to spend with friends out of school which I wouldn’t have otherwise wouldn’t have done.  I’m not sure how long we had been a team when the coach said that we were going to have a prom and that we all had to have dates. At first, I wasn’t sure who I would go with. One day we were all waiting for the bus to go home from school. Larry and I were sitting on the grass, and that’s when ask him if he would like to go with me to the dance. He said he would like to go if he didn’t have to go in for surgery, I was so excited that was smiling all the way home.
            My Mom took me shopping for a dress. We happen to see a lime green skirt paired with a matching top that had lace going around the whole outfit with a pair of black shoes. Everything was going well until we went to practice the day before the dance. Were all sitting around waiting to start practice when the coach said he just needed to ask if everyone was ready for tomorrow and if we all had dates. All you could hear in the gym was all of us yelling Yeah, but I overheard Larry talking to other people and saying that he was taking someone else. I was crushed. Sissy, a woman that came to help out will saw how upset I was getting. She asked if I was OK, I explained what I heard and that I didn’t know what I was going to do. She hugged me and said that it was going to be fine. I’m not sure what happened, because once the coach found out, he said not to worry and that he would take care of it.

            The next day, My Mom dropped me off at Sissy’s to get ready for the dance. So after Sissy helped me get dressed, we took off for the dance. As we were walking in with my walker, that’s when Larry walked up to me and asked if he could walk me to my seat. In my head, I wanted to scream, but I was nice and let him. I do remember that there was a boy at the table waiting for me to be my date. Although the night wasn’t as I had planned, the rest of the night was fun.
            I’m not sure of the time frame, it might have been a week or so that at school a boy came to me and asked if I would come with him that Larry had something to tell me. Of course, I was curious as to what he may say, so I went with him to see what Larry had to say. Well he was acting so nervous, I just was sitting there waiting for him to speak. When he finally didn’t he said that he liked me. All I was able to do was laugh, it wasn’t probably the best way to handle that situation, but I could not help it. As the bell went off to go back to class, the boy told me I wasn’t being nice. I was walking with my walker so it was hard for me to speak, so I couldn’t explain why I did what did. Do I wish I could go back and do things differently, don’t we all?