On my mind
Sometimes I wonder how we, the American people, let this beautiful country get into the mess we are in today. So many things could be the problem. Our children, our society, but we all have some blame to share. I don't know when we lost family values, but we want to return to being kind and compassionate towards our neighbors.
Technology has been a terrific thing, it has made my life easier, especially for other people like me who have physical disabilities. The biggest would be communicating with family and friends to be able to talk to my doctor or refill my medication, which makes me feel a little independent. Of course, with all the good sides to everything, there's a bad side to technology. People for the most part are good, but there are people out there who make it difficult because they want to use it as a weapon to hurt people by getting their information to either use it against you or try to earn your trust. I do like AI, I use it to help with writing, no matter if it’s an article or I’m emailing even on Facebook, it has helped me sound better. As many know, it can cause chaos in people's lives. That is why you need to make up your own mind and understand what is being said to make your own decision.