There was a grand opening at a store downtown, Joe and Tanice went to see what it was all about. While they were there, they entered a contest to win a pens oil race car built for kids. Lucky enough, they pulled Tanice’s name. Of course, when they brought the car home, all the neighborhood kids that we hung around with since we moved here. We have almost five acres that my great Grandma gave to us, so we have a field in front of our house. Ronnie, who has been one of our neighbors, offered to drive over his tractor to make a track for all the kids to drive this little race car around in this field.     

       The next day we all went back out to drive the car again. I once again tried to get my Mom and Joe to let me drive this car, they finally broke down and let me drive the car. I was so excited that I was going to get to drive the car. Once Joe put me in the car, I took a hold of the wheel with both hands and put one foot on the gas the other on the break. It was going really well. I got out so the others could take their turn. I may have had one or two more chances before what happens will happen. The last time I drove the car, I started out good but for some reason, my hands let go, I wasn’t able to grasp the wheel. Of course that meant that I lost control of the car because I still had my foot on the gas. There was a bob wire fence that surrounded our property and that’s where I ended up. Well at least the front of the car. I wasn’t hurt, the car wasn’t hurt, but it did break because of all the weight of us kids. At least that’s what they told me.